Stay Tuned! Stay Safe!



Citrus fruit


Hello subscribers! I’ve been away for almost a year-which was an exciting year and now a bit of an uncertain one! I had the opportunity to start teaching at a major university and college while still managing my hospital job this year. It was a year of learning, developing new skills and self-exploration. I know myself a bit better-how I’m impacted by multi-tasking, time management and being overwhelmed. What makes me happy and what does not.

Nonetheless, I’m back and looking forward to further engagement with all of you. The one thing I did realize is how much I miss sharing my thoughts and writing to all of you. 

My aim in the next few weeks is to share the following articles with you:

  • Nutrients for Ramadan: How to stay nourished during fasting.
  • Food for healthy immunity.
  • How to chose the right diet for yourself.

Lots is happening in the world arena with the Covid-19 outbreak. I’m grateful for many things. Self-reflection has really helped me cope. I hope you all have been keeping safe. I found for myself and my family, isolation has brought us not just closer (although some days a bit irritable) but also enjoying each other’s company. We’ve taken up biking with the kids and I do my ab workouts with them at home. We are now all fasting (it’s Ramadan!) and making meals together. It’s perhaps a good thing that I took up teaching undergraduates this year, I can home-school my kids with a bit more confidence, but, they listen to me less than my students. Hoping you and your family is cherishing this time and are safe and sound.

Hope you can join in on my journey again.



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