Laila is a practicing dietitian, mom and wife living in Surrey, BC. Countless encounters with her patients, clients and her own health issues, has led Laila to believe that nutritional knowledge isn’t the barrier to better health but how to apply that knowledge. People don’t know where to start or find the inspiration to get started. Most of us are stuck.

This blog shares Laila’s own journey of overcoming her own barriers to weight loss, diabetes and preventing heart disease. Her journey will question some of her own paradigm as a dietitian as she shares her own health journey with you. This blog is not an advise column but rather an inspirational story of struggles that even a dietitian faces-no dietitian is perfect! Do expect favorite recipes and  updates on her inspirational thoughts. You can also follow Laila on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: @rdonadiet

Twitter: @lailahussainrd

Facebook: dietitanonadiet or @rdonadiet

To book a consult with Laila,  you may email Laila at rdonadiet@gmail.com

Have a happy and healthy day!

Love, Laila

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